Line pilot with 45,000€

In southeastern Europe, at Tuzla in Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea, you have the opportunity with 45,000,  to become a pilot. The most affordable price in Europe. Tuzla Regional Air School is one of the biggest academies from Romania with European facilities, new aircraft, and experienced instructors. Best pilots are born here. Every year pilots with ATPL frozen are going out into the world to fly for the big companies.

Very important: in Spain or Germany, it costs 83,995 $ to become a pilot when starting with zero experience. In Turkey is Around 100.000 $, and in the USA around 70.000 $.

Regional Air School

Even is pandemic time, the schools all over the world are full of cadets. Analysts forecast that the aviation industry will start to recover in 2021. The industry will experience upward mandatory retirement and the companies will need a lot of pilots. Aviation will need 27,000 new pilots according to CAE prediction.

Let us take a tour of the Romanian School, in a beautiful area, around the Black Sea. Is full of cadets from all over the world every year. And the prices are for all the pockets. You have the possibility to pay in 3 or more installments is saying Adrian Vasilache CEO of the School Regional Air Services.

“The total amount of payments is 45,000€, and they have the possibility to pay in 3 installments. For a Frozen ATPL course (CPL(A)/IR MEP) the students should fly a minimum of 200 hours in various airplanes DA 20, DA 42. The modular programs are special made to reduce the duration and cost of training. After graduating from the series of modular courses, you can have the chance to be part of our family and work as a flight instructor. The duration of the training is between 18 to 22 months. We offer accommodation in the complex of the school, and safety measures for actual times.”

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