Experienced and famous pilots are ready to mentor you:


He is one of the most experienced instructors of the Tuzla School; Ioan Postolache has 9200 flight hours in his pilot logbook (8450 SEP, 850 MEP). Well known as a member of the oldest and most prestigious acrobatic team in Romania – Aerobatic Yakkers – he has become a role model for young people, and his fan group exceeds the borders of the country. When he’s not a Yakker, he’s an Air Bandit, together with the famous Jurgis Kairys – and wins everyone’s admiration. Ioan Postolache is a skillful and patient instructor, so those who will study with him may consider themselves lucky.

Constantin ALEXANDRU

He is the last commander of the Tuzla Utility Aviation base and the first pilot of the company that took over – REGIONAL AIR SERVICES. Currently, he is a training director and is unanimously recognized as one of the best in the country. The preparation in the classroom is exceptional as Mr. Alexandru manages to explain the information very well and has endless patience.


A former military pilot, he flew the MIG-29 until he discovered that training young pilots is at least as exciting. With an interesting mix of intelligent humor, military discipline and experience, Ioan Necșoiu became one of the favorite instructors of the School.

Gheorghe DUMITRU

One of the oldest and most experienced instructors, Gheorghe Dumitru has 9100 flight hours, of which 1400 hours MEP and is a simulator instructor. He is very hard working and enthusiastic and, of course, he is loved by students and colleagues. His son, Alex, attends Tuzla Flying School and aspires to a similar career.

Andrei Ciprian LUCESCU

Film director and film producer, Andrei Lucescu began his career in commercial aviation in 2007 at Regional Air School, where he graduated the ATPL courses becoming a commercial pilot in 2010. He directed tv programs dedicated to aviation at MTC TV Constanța and co-produced the Aeroshow – a talk show about aviation on the national television. As an airshow commentator Andrei Lucescu is well known by everyone since from 2007 to present, being the main or the only one who presented: Aero GP, WEAF, Aeromania and BIAS. He is one of the most appreciated instructors – because his detailed and passionate explanations help students easily learn.


The commander of Tuzla airport is personally involved in the activity of the flight school; this is his way to find out, with precision and from the inside, how the trainings are going. As a pilot he has accumulated 4450 hours (150MEP, 1950-AN2, 2350 SEP); he is a flight instructor and an authorized examiner. Meeting him in exams is a milestone, because Adrian Vasilache is a correct, cautious and lucid examiner, who indicates with maximum precision everything that needs to be corrected by training. For this attitude he enjoys the respect and appreciation of all.

Mugurel TOMA

Another instructor coming from the military schools (the Military School of Aviation Officers “Aurel Vlaicu” and the Higher Military School of Aviation Officers), Mugurel Toma is an instructor highly-rated for his teaching style – in which scientific accuracy is humor blend for a nice method to learn difficult information. He manages to contaminate everyone around him with the aviation virus, even part of his family: his wife is a Compliance Monitoring Manager at Tuzla Airport and his son is a highly appreciated aviation engineer.