Tuzla Airport is halfway between the towns of Constanta and Mangalia (23 kilometers from Constanta and 25 kilometers from Mangalia). It is “the most dynamic airport in Romania“, a title won in 2009 from AIRPORT FORUM, a publication of the Ministry of Transport and obtained without any investment from public or State budget.

Positioned in the southern area of ​​the Black Sea coast, Tuzla Airport is near to the resorts loved by young people (Costinești, Neptun, Olimp, Vama Veche –  renowned both for the facilities offered, but also for the various leisure options), to the protected area of Lake Techirghiol, but also with the spa tourism area (Techirghiol, Eforie Nord, South Eforie). The Danube Delta, the second largest and best preserved among the European deltas, is at a distance of only 200 km from the airport. 

Thus, our school students have a lot of leisure and travel options and benefit of transport connections of all types (the highway is only 10 km away, there is a train station in Tuzla, and the minibuses frequently pass in front of the airport). 
Over the years, REGIONAL AIR SCHOOL has registered a constant, planned, predictable and organic growth, due to its 100% private management, a case unique in Romania.